Zara’s cool tote bag of yucca.

Noticias de Euro Prosem

Zara’s cool tote bag made of yucca has Galician soul and Euro Prosem’s signature.   YOLANDA GARCIABURELA/LA VOZ A MARIÑA In the picture, Sara Vázquez, head of Trends at Euro Prosem, with the shopping bag the company created for Zara made of yucca. KINOGRAFÍAS 2021. The company has headquarters ar Burela and a branch at … Read more

“Woman and Icon” Collection

“Woman and Icon” “Zara created a tee collection to pay tribute to iconic women in Arts, Physics and Sports” “With this Spring collection, the crown jewel of Inditex Group pays tribute to different iconic women of worldwide popular culture”Zara’s new collection appears as a little tribute to woman under tag “Woman and Icon Collection”, … Read more

Celebrities at home

Celebrities at “Zara launches new cotton T-Shirts starring Paul Newman or Marilyn Monroe (among others) and they are perfect”.“If you get moved listening to Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin, feel the rush of adrenaline while watching Muhammad Ali fights in the ring, have an unsurpassed crush on Paul Newman, or have always … Read more

Zara Valentine’s Day

ZARA  Saint Valentine’s Day Zara launches Saint Valentine collection and it’s the most beautiful There are different ways to show love and Zara proves it with this tee collection perfect for Saint Valentine. Romantic Zara T-Shirts are the most tender (and cheap) Saint Valentine’s Zara: Saint Valentine bargain collection to fall … Read more

Carlota Weberm Mazuecos

Carlota Weberm MazuecosInfluencer Carlota Weberm Mazuecos @carlotawberm, wears Oxford sweatshirt by Green Coast Woman (El Corte Inglés) to promote the new Fall apparel collection.@carlotaweberm Previous Next

María Pombo and McDonald’s

María Pombo poses with our McDonald’s hoodie This is how it looks the sweatshirt of the well-known fast food company manufactured for Zara Woman at @mariapombo Instagram María Pombo is one of the most important and valued bloggers of the moment. She posts tricks about fashion. Besides, she’s got her own YouTube channel and collaborates … Read more

The tees of movies that will be a must

The website TRENDENCIAS HOMBRE lists the tees of movies that will be a must this Spring Movies from the 90’s come to your wardrobe with a new T-shirts collection by Zara The Trendencias Hombre posts on its website all the titles of films we can browse on the stores this Spring. The Reservoir Dogs tee … Read more

Bijou Karman and Zara

Bijou Karman and ZaraA few days ago, Zara launched its new apparel Spring/Summer collection 2019. The fashion websites Elle, Harper’s Barzaar and Woman write about this new capsule known as Women in Art.It’s a collaboration with the artist and illustrator Bijou Karman. This young Californian woman is well recognized by her colourful paintings where the … Read more

Lovely Pepa poses with our tee “Snoopy & friends”

Lovely Pepa poses with our Tee “Snoopy &Friends” This is how @alexandrapereira shows the Snoopy tee manufactured for Zara. Lovely Pepa, Alexandra Pereira, is one of the most popular Spanish influencers (Galician in fact) in the international panorama. She posted a story on her Instagram with our Snoopy&Friends’ T-Shirt. Previous Next