“Woman and Icon” Collection

Trendencias.com: “Zara created a tee collection to pay tribute to iconic women in Arts, Physics and Sports”

ExtraDigital.es: “With this Spring collection, the crown jewel of Inditex Group pays tribute to different iconic women of worldwide popular culture”

Zara’s new collection appears as a little tribute to woman under tag “Woman and Icon Collection”, where women from Arts, Music, Sports and Physics take sides and visibility. The singer Gloria Gaynor, the astronaut Sally Ride, the gymnast Nadia Comăneci and the singer/poet Patti Smith star this collection of white T-Shirts (with different fittings) and with images in black and white.

“All of them are legends for different reasons: Sally Ride was the first American woman in Space, Nadia Comăneci overwhelmed the entire world awarded with a perfect score of 10 at the Olimpic Games and won nine medals (five of them were gold medals), Gloria Gaynor made popular one of the first feminist hymns of pop music, I Will Survive, and Patti Smith is one multidisciplinary artist who has also cultivated poetry and photography, but she’s overall known as muse and pioneer in punk rock. The collection launched by Inditex brand has several T-Shirt styles (long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops), in black and white and in color”. This is how the collection is described by magazine Mujeresaseguir.com.

Zara has paid tribute to this unusual Olympic year and that’s why its collection includes gymnast Nadia Comăneci who made history in the Olympic Games of Montreal 1976 when she became the first gymnast to win a perfect score in parallel bars and five more 10 afterwards, which rewarded her three gold medals. Really special detail on the back of the T-Shirt: “The first gymnast ever to receive a perfect score at the Olympics” Women’sHealthmag.com highlights the tribute to Nadia Comăneci.

Besides, Women’sHealthmag.com magazine also points out that the collection is Join Life, Care for Fiber, wich means it is manufactured in organic cotton.

We had the pleasure to design and manufactured this collection about important women in history, and as Trendencias says: “These designs are perfect to be added to our wardrobe and keep them to the end of time”.

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