ZARA  Saint Valentine’s Day
Zara launches Saint Valentine collection and it’s the most beautiful ever.
There are different ways to show love and Zara proves it with this tee collection perfect for Saint Valentine.
Romantic Zara T-Shirts are the most tender (and cheap) Saint Valentine’s gift.
Zara: Saint Valentine bargain collection to fall back in love with your partner.

All Terndencias, Cosmopolitan, Mujer Hoy and Merca2 webs have fallen for the new “LOVE” Zara collection. A capsule to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day and some days ago, Zara presented Love, a collection full of sensuality dyed red. Within these garments, a special cotton T-Shirt collection (limited edition) can be found. Love is captured in iconic photographs from movies, artist, or popular singers.

Four T-Shirts giving off love and tenderness.

No matter if it’s E.T. and Gertie, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Rocky and Butkus, or the iconic shot of Robert Mapplethorpe photographer, Embrace (1982); these four T-Shirts are full of passion and tons of tenderness. Iconic images showing that love can be seen in a very different way, but at the very end of the day it’s just that, love (fair and square).

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