Woodstock fast fashion collection at Mango

“Mango celebrates the 50th Woodstock anniversary with that nostalgic hippy look” Harpersbazaar.com

“Mango brings back Woodstock’s ‘peace & love’ with the new hippiest collection” Trendencias.com

Apart from Harper’s Bazaar and Trendencias, La Vanguardia and Fashion United also write about Mango’s Woodstock fast fashion collection.

Woodstock became a worldwide icon of the 60’s and the 70’s. However, its aesthetics remain fully up to date.

Last August 15th Woodstock celebrated its 50th anniversary. Nowadays it’s considered to be the most emblematic music festival of all times. Woodstock wasn’t only a New Yorkers meeting. Not even a massive festival out of all expectations, nor those acclaimed artists on the stage. What made that music show a historic celebration was its universal message to the whole society. A peace and love message. Moreover, this date is also known as the beginning of the Hippy movement. By then the hippy look was starting to emerge and it spread worldwide quickly after the Woodstock festival.

As Mango suppliers, it’s a proud to see how our garments have such a massive impact on digital media.